Top 10 things to do when selling your house

So the time has come for you to put your house up for sale. It may that a new job is heralding the move, you are downsizing or you need a bigger home to raise your family in.

Whatever the reason may be for selling your home, Any Homes Realty based at Oxenford on the Gold Coast offer the top 10 things you need to do to ready your property for sale.

  1. Inspect your house like a buyer would

Now is the time to really take a good look at the interior, exterior and street appeal of your home without your rose coloured glasses on.


Move about your home and think like a buyer.  You will start to notice all the little things you’ve missed like the crack in the tile or the paint chipping off the door frame.


  1. Declutter

Removing all the clutter you have accumulated inside and outside of the home over the years not only makes your home look more spacious to prospective purchasers but also lessens the amount you need to pack up when you move.


Removing clothes you haven’t worn or don’t intend to wear from wardrobes gives the impression the wardrobes offer heaps of storage, rather than everything you own still being jam packed in there. Storage is king to prospective buyers.


  1. Remove furniture you don’t use

By removing Nana’s old recliner chair you inherited that you never use or the spare bed in the kids room that you don’t require will open up the rooms and make them appear not only cleaner but bigger.

  1. Fix it

Now that you’ve viewed your home with “buyers” eyes, attend to fixing, replacing, repainting or repairing anything that has been chipped, cracked, broken and damaged.


  1. Paint

Giving your home a new lick of paint can instantly brighten what was a dull, dirty home and add value.  Re-painting in modern, neutral colours will appeal to a broader base of purchasers.


  1. Enhance the street appeal

The first thing the buyers will judge is the street appeal of your home.  If your front yard is starting to resemble a jungle, be sure to weed any overgrown gardens, trim shrubs and trees and mow the lawn.


If it is still lacking some wow factor, perhaps add some inexpensive feature plants in pots for more visual interest.


  1. Clean

Now is the perfect team to clean the inside and outside of the home of the jobs we never get around to doing.  Pressure clean the driveway, have the windows professionally cleaned and the carpets cleaned and deodorised.


  1. Pets

Pets although lovable to us, can be a real turn off to some buyers.  If you have pets, reduce the evidence of them if they live inside the home.  Deodorise your home well of any pet smells. Store their toys, bedding and scratch poles in a discreet area and clean up any droppings outside as well.

  1. Style

Now that you’ve removed the clutter, the unnecessary furniture and cleaned the house to within an inch of its life, consider styling.  By this we mean, do you need some little touches to add a sense of style to the home that would appeal to buyers?


We are not talking buying more knick knacks, but more items that bring warmth and are inviting like a glossy, green plant in the corner or a bowl of fruit placed on the kitchen bench.


These little touches can entice buyers and have them visualising what it would be like to live in the home.


  1. Employ a good real estate agent

Having the right real estate agent handling your property for sale is crucial to you achieving a sale. Selling a house can be a stressful situation so it’s important to find a real estate agency that has experience in both buying and selling property and who specialises in selling to not just local clients, but to international clients as well.


Any Homes Realty is a boutique and independent real estate agency based on the Gold Coast. You can rest assured when listing your property for sale with Any Homes Realty, you are working with an ethical, client focused, industry professional who is looking after your best interests.


Call Any Homes Realty today and see why so many clients have us sell their Gold Coast homes for them.

Top 10 things to do when selling your house

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